The Mad Hatters Tea & Biscuit Party

Due to public demand the Mad Hatter will now be a tea towel, thanks to everyones positive feedback, I will keep you all posted when there ready!

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No posts for a while, been so busy, head down, new site, new blog, new work all coming very soon


I recently did some mood boards / style suggestions for BoseCollins and there client Nespresso. Using a previous film BC animated as a guide & platform I was asked to contribute and work with the lads on some ideas for  the next chapter. Heres the final film which I think looks fantastic, which is presently being played in a number of Nespresso stores.

Click to see more images.

Clutter / Greasebat

The new limited edition Clutter Greasebat is now for sale. I helped on the colour ways as part of Clutters merchandise rebrand, lots more happening in 2013 – but what a great start!

BoseCollins website

The new BoseCollins website has gone live. I have been working with the lads on there new website, but we go way back, I have been working for BC on and off the past 14 years, not just clients but great friends.


I’m presently working up some comic book inspired art for a very cool and exciting project, here’s a teaser….more early 2013!


A little something for SOYU’s new 2013 calendar, each month is a different animal from the Chinese zodiac – I got the Rooster aka ROOSTZILLA!

Taxi Timeline Illustrations

Taxi asked me to come up with several illustrations for there new online time line, heres the result, all in the Taxi red, white and black palette it makes a inspiring read – go check it out here

2Xanadu / Gigasports

I have posted this artwork before, but I have new pics courtesy of 2Xanadu of its new reincarnation , WOW! This is Gigasports in Hong Kong, they have used the graphic for the floor, wall and fixture decals, totally blown away by how amazing this looks, take a look hopefully you will agree.

Animal Planet Styleguide / SunHouse

Killer job this. Discovery Channel asked SunHouse to redesign and breathe life into the Animal Planet property. Four illustration routes were designed, the one I mostly concentrated on was this comic book route …  making animals cool and appealing to 5+ …. right up my street!

Click the image to see more!

DJ Supreme

Great ongoing project – will share soon.